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No stamp for Iran

After a literally bumpy start on an otherwise smooth 787, we were finally off. We drifted between old TV shows (Original Battlestar Galactica) and naps. By 3 pm Dubai time (6 am Boston time), we decided it best to stay up, and wished a snoring neighbor had the same idea! We opened the window for a stunning mountain view which went on and on. Our plane map indicated we were over Iran, and indicated Erbil and Tabriz weren’t far off. Later, we were able to identify Urmia, Iran as the lakeside town we’d admired from above. Some call it The Paris of Iran. No wonder I liked it!
As fate would have it, we strolled from our Dubai hotel to a nearby Iranian restaurant where we were ushered to a back family dining area. We dined on delicious grilled meats, breads and yogurt sauce. It made Urmia seem even more intriguing.

But since we are in Dubai, we’ll hit the malls and buildings tomorrow, and leave Iranian dreams on hold until Pardis or Mojdeh give a green light.


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