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Accounting for taste

After early morning (4:30? 5am?) reading and a failed FaceTime home, breakfast beckoned. We re-upped the cost analysis game. We could have the hotel breakfast buffet, get street food for breakfast (which proved elusive at 7am) or go back to the lemonade art hotel. When we arrived, the waiter asked what room we were in as we seemed so familiar. Indeed we had been back for lemonades yesterday, and their cat even knew us. I’ve been told you can’t step in the same river twice, and yet here I was at the banks.

What we saved in breakfast we are losing in airport transfers. When T heard our friendly auntie innkeeper-to-be’s voice, he could not say no to her offer to arrange transport though he had an email with a cheaper quote. In the calculus of ahead and behind, we are still ahead as we are healthy, exploring and not in zero degree weather. And I have a husband so brilliant that he made me believe it was the potential long lines in lieu of my actual fear of heights (thanks Dad) that took the Burj Kalifa off our must-do list.

Our last Dubai stop was the museum just opposite our actual hotel. It represented Dubai perfectly, with a made to look old section visible above, and a gleaming modern, high tech, exit through the gift shop below. It suggested the prior ruler’s efforts to dredge the creek to allow larger and larger boats paved the way for his son’s modernization plans. We were tempted by the camel milk chocolates at the gift shop, but T was saving his dirhams for more date almond chocolates at the airport (with his supply having disappeared magically last night).

Since I started out mentioning accounting for taste, allow me to digress on the fashion here in the boarding area for a 8 hour flight. Though we are flying from 70 degree climate to the 80-90 degree zone, some are still glued to winter jackets. Others feel jean shorts are the most comfortable attire for 8 hours on a plane. Eyeglasses are in, murses seem to be making a comeback and rolling bags are out. Plus there are a lot of lucky children racking up passport stamps. I am praying Frozen is available on the flight, ideally cycling through three times before we land. And I would be willing to bet all our breakfast gains that there is not a single Emirati national on this plane. Emirates airline seems to have embraced Dubai’s style, hiring its own muezzin to perform the call to prayer in its terminal, while also requiring its flight attendants to wear the reddest lipstick.

Thailand awaits….

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