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Our first of two full days in the Cambodian Capitol of Phnom Penh was on. We missed the morning aerobics in the park; one needed to be up at 5 am for that. Our walking tour started at a more reasonable hour, and included a coffee break. Turns out that two coffees here are about US$6. This lead T to muse about what the size and salaries of the expat community here might be like.

We saw a few monuments, temples and the Supreme Court. We ended the am tour back at the Banh Mi shop, where there was fresh bread and a kind Vietnamese owner with a northern Cali attitude, thanks to his time in the Bay area.



The pool was the best spot to conquer the midday heat, and catch up on our neighbor’s FaceTime home to England. She reports a lovely tour and her father has paid all her latest bills. I was willing to pay for a headset, or ask her dad to sponsor my noise canceling headphones.


The evening in the city involved joining locals for walks in the park, followed by Khmer food. After that, we were drawn to “The Mansion”, an old building once inhabited by french colonials, then Khmer Rouge, then a Vietnamese police headquarters and now a bar venue waiting for a new buyer. In its present incarnation, it comes with a Spanish band, mojitos and local boys doing their salsa moves while hiding from the bouncer. We were too tired to stop in on the Dreamland carnival on the way home, but the bumper cars did intrigue me!

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