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Our first day in Kuala Lumpur was marked by looking for food we couldn’t find. Malaysia is known as a melting pot of sorts of Malay, Indian, Chinese, Indonesians among others, resulting in longstanding fusion cuisine and must try dishes we haven’t encountered before. When we couldn’t find one place, we went to the mall near the Petronas towers. The humidity and heat – 95 degrees and maybe 95% humidity – sent us in to the AC. In contrast to Dubai, the malls were full. They also were home to Chinese drumming, dragon dances and many decorations heralding the year of the goat!


We’d been enjoying Manglish, the way some words are transformed here. Teksi=taxi, (others?) and T’s favorite: ice cream cone.

After breaks at the hotel pool and gym (one of the things we have been missing a lot, second to a laundry machine?), we did find some noodle dishes and local foods. And for desert- finally durian! This notorious stinky fruit lived up to its reputation and must be an acquired taste. Likely we will run out of time to acquire it!

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  1. Durian! Too bad they don’t make smell-o-vision cameras.

    And since you guys are at the Petronas Towers for New Year’s, I think it only makes sense that you queue up the movie Entrapment!


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