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Greatfiti, Lithuanian style

Given Malaysia’s would be melting pot of cultures, would it surprise you to hear that their famous, traffic jam creating street art is done by a Lithuanian resident? Some street paintings started in 2009 but took off in 2012 as the artists integrated furniture props of bicycles, stools and motorcycles into the paintings. Now between meals, tourists pose with the murals, and follow the maps that show locations of 20+ paintings. Savvy peddlers wait nearby with souvenir shirts and books of the paintings.IMG_1790 IMG_1791 IMG_1789 IMG_1751 

In addition to these pieces, Penang offers two camera museums, a chocolate and coffee museum, history museum, batik museum and puppet museum housed in various store fronts throughout town. We made it to one camera museum, and as the chocolate museum was air conditioned as anticipated and had free tastings, it won a special spot in our hearts!

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  1. bosliu says

    A Mickey Minion Mouse – good way to skirt those copyright lawyers. Awesome murals.


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