New Zealand
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On the road again

We languished a bit in the morning, making our way around Christchurch a second time, wondering what the city will look like in the future should we get to visit it a second time.


Eventually, we got into a much smaller car that was somehow now unfamiliar to us!  On a grey day, we were tracking north and as the sun is our favorite companion on hikes, we opted for the mineral springs instead of hiking.  So did everyone else it turned out! 


After a while we made it to our halfway point, and with the sun’s return went for a stroll across a river. It was a beautiful night, and if I weren’t so scared of meeting a possum of enormous size we’d heard about the night before, we might have lingered longer.

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  1. bosliu says

    Isn’t that what rabies shots are for?!? Plus getting attacked by giant possums would make for great stories, a la The Princess Bride.


    • True that- we haven’t maximized that rabies stuff. We need to find some caves! To escape the land wars with Sicilians or to get rabid….


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