New Zealand
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Damn good! That’s what the release was, watching the gates open to flood the canyon.  Less compelling was the elbowing of fellow tourists trying to get a snapshot, but win some, lose some.


We headed into tourists central at Waitpo park in Rotorua.  Known for its geological formations, the park delivered with bubbling mud, colored sulfur pools and a geyser.  There were two costs: entry, and our sense of smell.


 When we left, we were impressed by the novelty and relieved.  Then when we got to town, we realized Rotorua’s geological prowress is indeed extensive! At the restaurant and later at the hotel, we smelled sulfur.  The inn’s attendant mapped out 43 possible tour options in town, but instead we got Indian takeout (smelling delicious! & powerful) and hunkered down with movies.  Yes, the Ring.  When in Mordor… 

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