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If it’s Friday, it must be Moosejaw

It’s nearly Christmas.  Laser Ship delivery trucks are cranking, and so is T.  Every day, a new item arrives.  Every third day, one goes back. The ratios seem to be working.

My favorite part is from another man in my life, Daddy dear.

“Maria, where are you going again that you need a head lamp?”  He fears I’m quitting to become a professional spelunker.
I was sure he was going to proud, given he’s been stocking Spam, chocolate, water and kerosene in our basement to prepare for an possible scenario.

But it pays to travel with an engineer.  Where I’m technology stupid, he has recharging battery packs, rain covers for our gear, rolling water bottles.  A stocking full of holiday fun!  If I were a “real” blogger, I would post links and Amazon would give me a kickback when you too decide you need a charger the size of a lipstick.  In other words, watch this post change 2 months in when we are broke:)

Photo credit: Angie Linder, 9/7/06

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