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Yes, it is another pre-post.

I’ve travelled in Africa and loved it.  And had yellow fever vaccinations, hepatitis everything vaccines and the always good tetanus.  But never Rabies.  I put the Rabies vaccine in the same category as carrying an extra litre of your own blood.  If you opt for the 3 Rabies vaccines, you still have to get 2 more if you get bit.  I’m not a huge gambler, but those were dice I was willing to roll.

No dice with the husband.  I think he asked if there were any extra vaccines he could get at the travel clinic.  I think he is in Tijuana now picking up some extra antibiotics.  But his opt in on Rabies meant that I too would have to drink the not Cool-Aid.  Though I’m not good at statistics, I’m pretty sure the odds of me being the one bit if I didn’t get the vaccine were 100%.  Dogs and bats must have night vision that marks who doesn’t have the vaccine.  That’s why the vaccine is neon pink.

Marriage is about swallowing your pride and rolling up your sleeve.

And once you do, it turns out you will know someone who has a rabies story.  Go on, I dare you to ask.  Though no one is frothing at the mouth, it seems everyone knows someone whose been bit.  Even my travel doc!

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