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To market, to market

While we had admired many a BBQ lobster at local restaurants, we weren’t looking to become ones ourselves. So we sought the beach and shade, and found heaven at a little restaurant/bar which seemingly does less daytime business. In other words, we had a near private shaded cabana, beers and private swimming at the Andaman sea. No German tourists nor clouds in sight, and no complaints from us.

With a few lunch options in mind, we ended up with late lunch at a yummy spot featuring cuisine from Northeast Thailand. This has made us excited well in advance for Laos, as it was delicious. A knowing waitress advised us on two rather than three peppers, and suggested the other dish may be more salty than we were accustomed to having. Though T was thoroughly pleased with his meal, he found a second stomach when he saw the market setting up.

The Saturday market is for locals and foreigners, and sells prepared foods, fruits, clothes, spices and probably much more. “Let’s just look,” I heard, and a pork satay, coconut water and mango sticky rice later, there was a plan of attack laid out for later. A power nap was needed between meals, and the tragedy of our day came when downpours prevented the return to the market. At least we had our sticky rice. Gather ye roses while ye may. Seize the day, boys.

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