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No jellyfish vaccine

I wavered in the morning. I’d been back and forth on booking a tour to a nearby lake. The main tour went through the jungle and then to an elephant park, and the more obscure tour went to the lake, was a longer drive and a bit pricier. Plus the sudden rains of yesterday made me question being on a raft in the lake.

My groundhog felt a repeat was the way to go. The private cabana called him and the prospect of an all you eat sushi lunch in town. Sold. We may end up being terribly boring to follow if we keep doing the same things, but there’s something freeing about not needing to see everything. And as our innkeeper pointed out, there will be plenty of new experiences open to us when we come back!

After a long walk on the beach, we returned to the cabanas and a wave riding adventure. Then it was off to lunch, and though unlimited, the chef put such care into each sushi that T almost ran out for a snack between orders! Fresher seafood couldn’t be found, and the restaurant included the fancy Japanese toilet experience in their bathroom, no extra charge.

The day still had new experiences to offer. On our third dip in the sea of the day, we opted for more of a swim. Fifteen minutes in, T calmly mentioned he thought a jellyfish got him, so he was getting out! On the shore, we found several whiplash marks and sought help at a resort. Resort 1 had few English speakers and resort 2 had an angel who announced: “Ah, jellyfish. You need vinegar, have a seat.” She came back and blushingly showed me how to use a drink coaster to scrape T’s abs to make sure stingers were out and apply vinegar. But the glass was more than half full as it was happy hour at the resort bar with 2-for-1 specials, so we were able to get pain medication of the mojito variety. Very soothing. And upon returning to the inn, WebMD validated everything the young lady did (though no specific mention of mojitos). Contrary to your inevitable advice, web MD said I was not to pee on T, not just because of the twister game which would have been required.

All about new experiences. I knew I’d learn a few things on this trip, and good to know one is that the husband is quite calm in distressing situations. As I’m likely up next, I warned him I will be swearing up a storm when the jelly dares approaching.

Like rabies, I’m confident everyone has a jellyfish story, and now T is in the game.

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  1. I’m happy to read about “freeing” instead of “seeing”. There are a million travel blogs dedicated to sights; but a very sub-million number themselves among those providing insights.

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