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We could have gotten up early to see the monks.
I had a leisurely pancake breakfast instead.
We could have bought the little birds for sale as an offering to Buddha during our tour of Phousi Hill and the Vats.


I didn’t know what you were suppose to do with the birds – set them free? Leave them by Buddha in their miniature bamboo cage? My Lao doesn’t go far enough to ask.

We could have hopped on a tour.
I wanted to pick up ballet tickets for the night instead.
We could have taken it easy, and ridden bikes between coffee shops.
I jumped on the discounted offer to the waterfall as an exchange for T sitting through ballet.
We could have made it back in time for the drumming.
We made in back for a pre-ballet cocktail instead.






I wouldn’t have changed a thing.


– Maybe booked in with French group who had tablecloths, wine and a catered picnic by the falls. Darn those French!
– Maybe found the steps down the falls instead of slip sliding in the mud.
– Maybe gotten to the falls before the other 200+ tourists.
– Maybe upgraded to the seat with the cushion for the ballet.
– Maybe gone back for a post-ballet whiskey sour.

But these are just rounding errors.
A 98.7% perfect day, just to keep me honest.

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