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Next at bat

We put ourselves back on the touring circuit. We were better prepared yesterday at the brewery tour than we were today at the Adelaide Oval. The other locals and again a Kiwi seemed familiar with the rules, history and present competition, while I don’t think we could have defined a wicket. I broadened my vocabulary and ability to imitate the accent on the tour.

“We have to do it.  The Oval is like Adelaide’s Fenway Park.”
“Have you ever done a tour of Fenway Park?”

But indeed the Oval had a scoreboard as impressive as the Green Monster which requires multiple workers to run up and down stairs to update the scores during a match.

After carefully studying the half off tickets for the Fringe festival, we decided we wouldn’t understand the Scottish accent well enough for the comedy, and T eliminated a drama about a couple at odds. So we were in for another experimental circus act! But first, a stop at a wine bar and some advice from locals about which nearby vineyards to hit tomorrow.  

We even did laundry.  We may need to extend our visas.  And win a lottery- it’s a bit pricy down under….

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