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No wining

We were leaving Adelaide prematurely, but we were getting used to quick stops.  Always leave em wanting more, right?  With clean clothes and a date with a rental car, it was time to hit the road.

To the left, to the left.  We should have had Beyoncé on repeat.  Maybe not driving for two months made it like an empty slate, so it didn’t feel quite as weird to be driving on the left.  

We arrived in McLaren Vale wine country in time for lunch at a cheese shop.  I’d been missing my good friend Cheese in Asia, and our wine and cheese reunion was a happy one.  With a sinus cold, T became the designated driver and I was once again the luckiest girl!

 Unlike many Napa spots, wine tasting was free at our first stop, and many pours later I’d fallen in love with Shiraz.

We weren’t far from the beach, so on a Tuesday afternoon took an amazing stroll down a beach reminiscent of Cape Cod Seashore.  This is one of our games; most new spots remind T of somewhere.  He has always been tricky to impress; I know somewhere is truly novel when it conjures zero associations for him.  But fortunately, we both love Cape Cod Seashore, and South Australia it turns out.

We stopped in a small town which seemed largely like a retirement community.  This suited our afternoon nap and early bedtime lifestyle well, and we settled in with wine and cheese for dinner, just like my retired dad was likely doing 17.5 hours behind us.

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  1. Wot Fisticuffs says

    It’s good to see your punning power is not languishing throughout your peripatetics.


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