New Zealand
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Seeking new experiences, we went the turtle way in New Zealand traveling with our home on our back.  Campervans aren’t familiar to us, but here a zillion companies offer you the chance to be free! Stop where you wish, cook your own meals, stay for free (possibly) at one of the roadside spots worshipping Mother Nature.  Put me in coach!

Then the orientation: turn this valve to activate the gas, press that one to power the fridge, plug the van in for power here if the gauge here goes below this number, lock the toilet here or if not, well, people only make that mistake once.  Conclusion? It’s good to travel with an engineer.  

Effectively, we became truck drivers for the week.  I now understand why the inventory for what jobs you are suited for never recommended me as a truck driver.  I believe another quiz suggested I partner with an engineer; that one was on the money.  Not only did he lack my fear of propane but he also didn’t mock me when buses passed us when I was at the wheel.

So yes, we turtles set out with a posh campervan- shower, toilet, gas stove and all for an 8 day Southern Island tour.  As we pulled in at Lake Tekapo to admire the glacial lake (& change drivers) the jury was still out.

The voting was swayed in a positive direction at our stop that night.

In dark sky territory (literally, and only a few zones exist in the world) we could have an 11:40pm tour of the observatory and stargazing for $140 per person or step out of the van with sweatshirts and a beer.  Not bad, especially with advice from a neighbor expert who guided us out of our first spot (where he was sure we’d roll out of bed) to a flatter, restful spot.

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