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What’s in the fine print- or, holy baggage fees Batman

We went for the corner of the Melbourne map we hadn’t covered, and landed at Docklands.  A Fort Point like neighborhood, this harborside part of town was growing with condo high rises and slowly populating with coffee shops and restaurants.  But the jewel in the crown?  An amazing public library.  Super modern with a coffee shop included on the ground floor, you can abuse the wifi all day while enjoying a view of Melbourne’s eye/Ferris wheel.  Or, you could use their maker bot 3 D printing station on the third floor, or pop in to indoor ping pong in a room with AstroTurf?  While I love that the Cambridge library lets me load up my kindle on the go, we both had library envy going on.

The icing on our day?  We’d been sweating, as so far we carried on backpacks on 8 flights but now we missed some fine print.  Our flight to New Zealand threatened passengers were allowed one carry on bag only (we each had a big and day pack) with a 7 kilo weight limit.  If over, the penalty would be checking the bag for a $100 fee. So, we gave our best “nothing to see here” smiles at check in and flashed a quick profile of our packs; happily, we made it through to customs without hitting a scale or fee! We are ahead again briefly- or balancing out the costs of my flat white and T’s pie consumption.

New Zealand here we come!!!!

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  1. I an not surprised that skipper1 was able to finagle a too heavy bag onto the flight … she probably also managed to befriend the entire flight crew and get permission to fly in the cockpit; maybe even making an announcement or two to the rest of the passengers.


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