New Zealand
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Green with hops

T must have got an early version of the headline news in Nelson – the green hops were in!  He wiggled out of a second day’s boat ride up to the national park by saying he needed to carb load for the next hikes 🙂 He seduced me by saying I had yet to taste NZ’s Famous Savignon Blanc, and suddenly we were off to the nearby town of Nelson.  

We got some lunch and strolled around town, and were informed we must see WOW! This phenomena is a wearable art collection that has transformed from an elaborate artsy fashion show to a museum which hosts the pieces from years past.  And if you are thinking “poor T”, I think they should call it the “his and hers” museum, as it is half cars and half fashion.  Given the bra art and the sheep dress, I’m not convinced the cars were his favorite!



We weren’t allowed to see if T would fit into the mini BMW, but it would have been a fun project…

We continued on to the beach for a stroll, where only a few were swimming due to the onset of autumn here.  We failed to find the green hops, but still chalked it up as a good day.

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