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I heart Abel

We were working our way up to Abel Tasman park near Nelson where it is eternal sun, vineyards and beautiful views.  We apparently brought with us the night before their first rain in months.  


To see Abel Tasman park, you need to take a ferry to a point in the park and either hike back or take another boat taxi/ ferry back.  Since the sun was out, I rushed us to the ferry.  We scored a caffeinated boat driver; when he realized he left without two booked passengers, he radioed base to say he’d asked about those two “but didn’t really put my heart and soul into it.”  A bumpy ride ensued, and T looked how I did at the base of Burj Kalifa.  Still our captain’s quips made T smile; when passengers kept their life vests on after they left the boat, he clarified, “though it might be dangerous out on the treks, those vests won’t save you!”


image image image

The views were amazing, and the water not too cold.  It’s a popular route, so we had a lot of company even from a school tour or two.  We had a nice long walk through forest and on beaches, and got back four hours or so later, spared the second boat! We promptly devoured enormous burgers, fries and even a mussel cake!

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    • George’s is better on history, but Abel’s beaches are way better! Move Father’s Day this year- check it out:)


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