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Do over?

It was our last day in New Zealand, and the main activity was getting to the airport and hopefully not having to check bags.  We’d opted for a nine hour flight to Hawaii, which meant we’d leave Auckland at 11 am, and arrive in Hawaii at about 10 pm the previous day.  Thanks to the international date line, we’d gain a day and hopefully not have jet lag.

A do over day- I’d wished for those before. With time, I’m sure we’ll feel clearer about what parts of the trip we want to do over and what we’d like to do again.  Mainly I think we are both grateful for the opportunity to have done what we did.  And grateful that what we used least of our supplies was the medicine!

Thanks for traveling with us.  I feel we should skip Hawaii blogs as you’ve seen that but the photographer may apply his skills.  Going from volcanic islands to volcanic islands was an oddly wonderful experience!

Here’s to future skipping 🙂

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  1. bosliu says

    It is so sad that there aren’t photos for the last couple of posts – but if you waited any longer for photos from skipsterious before posting we would’ve thought you guys were marooned at sea.


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