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Back to life, back to reality

The psychologically minded part of me says I’ve procrastinated on an ending for the this chapter of the blog because it would mean the trip is really over.  It’s been a marathon, it’s now marathon time and we are now home, sweet home.  The snow here has mainly melted, our batteries and our car batteries are recharged, and its time to sleep in the same bed, go to the grocery store and pay our taxes.


It is an amazing privilege to chase a dream and to catch it.  We have been amazed by the stature of Dubai, the warm welcome of the Thais, the peaceful coolness of Laos, the entirety of Cambodia which we saw, the elegance of Malaysian Airlines against all odds, the raw beauty of the Great Southern Ocean Road, the new Zealand sheep with their wool and their flocks, the volcanic beauty of Maui and many, many more sites, sounds and tastes.

We will be looking for new dreams to chase.  We will be waiting to hear about yours, to inspire and reconnect us.  

Until we skip together again.

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A wife, daughter, sister and proud auntie. A nomad, but not a saint (nor indian).


  1. bosliu says

    That’s a beautiful recap. Can’t wait to see what you guys dream up next. Thanks for sharing this journey with us!


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